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Dear David Stern; ENOUGH!!!

Posted on: March 10, 2011 10:42 pm
-El Heat??!!
-Nueva York??!!
-Los Lakers??!!

ENOUGH!!!  This is America.  We speak English here.  ENGLISH!!! 

Yes.  I understand much of Texas, and most of California , and the majority of Florida were all once Spanish or Mexican, but they stole it in the first place.  Then we swindled and staked and squatted it away, and now it's ours...and the current native language is ENGLISH.  Learn it!!!  Speak it!!!  Enough with the NBA cowtowing to Spanglish-speaking invaders.  If Cubans and Mexicans, and Central-Americans want basketball teams, then they should save up and buy one.  Until then, stop shoving it down the throats of tax-paying Americans.

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